“Farmers’ Preferences on Seed Purchase Timing – Rice, Cowpea, and Maize Growers in Nigeria”

The timely availability of seeds at planting time is considered one of the important factors for faster improved seed adoption in Nigeria. There is a lack of empirical information on how much more farmers are willing to pay (WTP) for seeds at planting time compared to a few months before planting time. The information on >> Read more

“Nigerian farmers’ preferences on the timing of the purchase of rice, cowpea, and maize seeds”

Nigerian farmers have been slow in adopting improved seeds due to constraints in both supply and demand. Demand-side constraints pertain to farmers’ characteristics, while supply-side constraints are related to capacity. Farmers’ seed demand is complex, and empirical information on Nigerian farmers’ seed demand is scarce. One of the less-studied issues is farmers’ preference for obtaining >> Read more

“Farmer willingness to pay for seed-related information”

A typical private good is defined by its excludability and rivalry characteristics. Information embodied in a technology might not generate rivalry among its users. By contrast, excludability is certainly a characteristic of this kind of information and its delivery can generate incentives for private participation. This study examines farmers’ preferences for seed of new rice >> Read more