Two NSSP upcoming research seminars in April, 2012

Title: Impact of Fertilizer subsidy on private fertilizer marketing in Nigeria by Ephraim Nkonya Abstract Using farm level data of fertilizer use in 2003, 2006 and 2007, this study shows that fertilizer subsidy in Nigeria might have reduced the volume of fertilizer marketed by private traders by around 10% (crowding out of private sector). We >> Read more

Boosting Agric Sector Research through Improved Financing—–CGIAR to Implement AfDB Project

Financing Nigeria and other African countries’ agriculture remains a challenge for international organisations, governments, the private sector, and other development partners. Recent evidence suggests that less than 1 percent of available domestic private sector financing typically goes into agriculture, in spite of the widely acknowledged fact that agriculture employs at least 70 percent of Africa’s >> Read more

“Mapping the Policy Process in Nigeria: Examining Linkages between Research and Policy”

How research can feed into the policy process in developing countries in general, and in Nigeria more specifically, is not very well understood. Yet, this understanding is a critical part of doing effective policy research. This has become especially critical for the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), which has set up a country office >> Read more

“Capacity Strengthening for Agricultural Policy Analysis and Research in Nigeria – A Roadmap Towards a Strategy”

This paper deals with the human resource development and institutional capacity strengthening in Nigeria as they relate to policy analysis and research capacity in addressing the problems of poverty and food security. The findings of the paper show that there exist several human, physical, and institutional capacity gaps for designing and implementing agricultural policies in >> Read more