IFPRI Researchers publish book on public investments in agriculture in Africa (including chapter on Nigeria)

Tewodaj Mogues and Samuel Benin, Research Fellows at IFPRI, are co-editors of a just-published book that looks at public investments in and for Agriculture in Africa, including a chapter on Nigeria. Whereas there is plenty of work looking at macroeconomic effects of public spending on growth and poverty in Africa as well as studies of >> Read more

“Agricultural growth and investment options for poverty reduction in Nigeria”

This study uses an economy-wide, dynamic computable general equilibrium (DCGE) model to analyze the ability of growth in various agricultural subsectors to accelerate overall economic growth and reduce poverty in Nigeria over the next years (2009-17). In addition, econometric methods are used to assess growth requirements in agricultural public spending and the relationship between public >> Read more

“Agricultural Investment for Growth and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria”

This study assesses public investment required for agricultural growth and poverty reduction in Nigeria. Using time series data for public spending and agricultural total factor productivity (TFP) growth, the econometrically estimated results show that one percent of growth in agricultural spending generates 0.24 percent of growth in agricultural TFP. To support 9.5 percent in agricultural >> Read more