Upcoming Research Seminar – Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Food Insecurity, Livelihoods and Vulnerability in Nigeria IFPRI-NSSP Post-Doctorate Research Fellow, Oluyemisi Kuku-Shittu, will give an overview of her recently completed report entitled "A Report on Food Insecurity, Livelihoods and Vulnerability in Nigeria". Please join us to learn more about food insecurity in Nigeria.

“Gender Dimensions of Agriculture, Poverty, Nutrition and Food Security in Nigeria”

Gender analysis focuses on the different roles and responsibilities of women and men and how these affect society, culture, the economy and politics. For example, important differences exist between women and men in their quality of life; in the amount, kind and recognition of work they do; in health and literacy levels; and in their >> Read more

“Knowledge Review on Poverty and Rural Development in Nigeria”

This review presented the nature, extent, and determinants of rural poverty and the various policies, projects and programs that have been implemented to reduce poverty in Nigeria from other studies. It was revealed that in spite of the different approaches and attempts to reduce poverty in Nigeria, poverty has risen. While the poverty incidence dropped >> Read more

“Gender Dimensions of Agriculture, Poverty, Nutrition, and Food Security in Nigeria”

In Nigeria, women are often marginalized in their access to economic, political, and social resources compared to men, rendering them relatively poorer than their male counterparts. Important differences also exist between women and men in their contributions to agriculture, and in poverty, nutrition and food security levels. This review aims to provide insights into the >> Read more

“Constraints to Increasing Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria”

Agriculture is the principal source of food and livelihood in Nigeria, and employs nearly three-quarters of the nation’s work force. Over the past two decades, agricultural yields have stayed the same or declined. Although there has been a recent rise in agricultural productivity, it is derived more from expanded planting areas for staple crops than >> Read more