“Challenges of Land Governance in Nigeria: Insights from a case study in Ondo state”

This paper presents the findings of a case study on land governance in the Ondo State of Nigeria. A conceptual framework based on concepts of organizational theory is presented to guide the study. The empirical part of the study focuses on two cases of land registration and two cases of land acquisition. A participatory mapping >> Read more

“Mapping the policy process in Nigeria: Examining linkages between research and policy”

How research contributes to the policy process in developing countries in general, and in Nigeria more specifically, is not well understood. Yet such understanding is a critical part of doing effective policy research. This has become especially critical for the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), which has set up a country office for policy >> Read more

“Understanding Policy Processes in Nigeria with Net-Map: The Case of the National Fertilizer Policy”

Like many other developing countries, Nigeria faces serious poverty challenges and it is estimated that two-thirds of Nigerians now live below the poverty line of US$1 per day, most of them in rural areas. Recognizing this challenge, the Federal Government of Nigeria has identified investments in agriculture and rural development as a major priority. In >> Read more