Announcement: New NSSP Publication Available

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and its Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) is pleased to announce the publication of a new Working Paper titled “Varietal development and the effectiveness of seed sector policies: The case of rice in Nigeria.”

Spillover effects of targeted subsidies: An assessment of fertilizer and improved seed use in Nigeria

Though there is increasing evidence of the availability and potential of new agricultural technologies in Africa south of the Sahara, effective demand for them is still low. A recent refocus on increasing farmers’ use of modern technologies such as improved seed and chemical fertilizer has led to a resurgence of input subsidies for these products >> Read more

“Nigerian farmers’ preferences on the timing of the purchase of rice, cowpea, and maize seeds”

Nigerian farmers have been slow in adopting improved seeds due to constraints in both supply and demand. Demand-side constraints pertain to farmers’ characteristics, while supply-side constraints are related to capacity. Farmers’ seed demand is complex, and empirical information on Nigerian farmers’ seed demand is scarce. One of the less-studied issues is farmers’ preference for obtaining >> Read more