“Demand Characteristics for Small-scale Private Irrigation Technologies: Knowledge Gaps in Nigeria”

Small-scale private irrigation (SPRI) schemes make up most of the irrigated area in Nigeria, although they constitute only about three percent of the cultivated area in the country. Farmers’ demand for SPRI is potentially affected by diverse sets of agroecological, socioeconomic and risk factors. While the constraints on SPRI expansion have been well investigated by >> Read more

“Demand Characteristics for Improved Rice, Cowpea, and Maize Seeds in Nigeria: Policy Implications and Knowledge”

This review focuses primarily on the demand for improved seeds of rice, cowpea, and maize. The key research questions addressed in this review are: (1) how has seed demand in SSA been generally characterized, (2) how does such characterization apply to Nigeria, (3) what are the knowledge gaps that, when filled, will allow the public >> Read more

“Demand Characteristics for Rice, Cowpea and Maize Seeds in Nigeria – Policy Implications and Knowledge Gaps”

Demand patterns for improved seed vary significantly among individual farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa because of the different capacity of farmers to overcome various constraints. Understanding these differences is crucial for speeding up the adoption by farmers of improved seed varieties. Although researchers have identified certain factors that explain regional demand differences in Sub-Saharan Africa, little >> Read more