Recap of IFPRI-NSSP 2012 Research Conference

NSSP RESEARCH CONFERENCE: Informing Nigeria's Agricultural Transformation Agenda with Policy Analysis and Research Evidence Held November 13-14, 2012 NSSP's 2012 conference highlighted the results of the program's research over the two years which have passed since its National Stakeholders Forum in 2010. The conference was intended to bring together policymakers, researchers, development partners, and other >> Read more

“Impacts of Community-driven Development Programs on Income and Asset Acquisition in Africa: The Case of Nigeria”

This study evaluates the impacts of a community-driven development (CDD) project on household income and acquisition of productive assets in Nigeria. Using recall data, difference-in-differences, and propensity score matching approaches, the study finds that the project succeeded in targeting the poor and women farmers in its productive asset acquisition component. Participation in the project also >> Read more