Seminar presentation organized at the IFPRI Abuja Office

On 9 March 2017, Dr. Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Associate Professor, Michigan State University, gave a seminar presentation at the IFPRI Abuja office titled “Towards a Systemic Analysis of the Impacts of Climate Change on Agricultural Production in Nigeria”. Her presentation was based on research that provided a systematic analysis of the potential impact of climate >> Read more

Online Maps: Population and Climate Change Hotspots

A new guide to Population Action International’s mapping website shows how climate change and population dynamics will change the world over time. High rates of population growth and climate change consequences overlap in many countries. Interactive maps illustrate how climate change impacts, demographic trends, and the need for contraception are likely to affect countries’ abilities >> Read more

Special Edition of Environmental Science and Policy

Papers from the Food Security and Environmental Change Conference, Oxford, 2-4 April 2008 were published in a Special Edition of Environmental Science and Policy. (2009, vol. 12[4], p. 373-542).  Selected articles include: Biofuels production in developing countries: assessing tradeoffs in welfare and food security by Mandy Ewing and Siwa Msangi Adaptation to climate change in >> Read more