“Agricultural Policy Research Network (APRNet) Exco and Congress Meeting”

NSSP activities under the USAID Feed the Future (FtF) initiative include, among other things, support for the Agricultural Policy Research Network (APRNet), an independent network of agricultural policy professionals in Nigeria. This support falls under the capacity strengthening objective of NSSP intended to promote the use of evidence in the agricultural policymaking process in Nigeria. >> Read more

“Capacity Strengthening for Agricultural Policy Analysis and Research in Nigeria – A Roadmap Towards a Strategy”

This paper deals with the human resource development and institutional capacity strengthening in Nigeria as they relate to policy analysis and research capacity in addressing the problems of poverty and food security. The findings of the paper show that there exist several human, physical, and institutional capacity gaps for designing and implementing agricultural policies in >> Read more

“Strengthening Capacity for Accessing and Disseminating Information for Policy Research”

In spite of its oil wealth, poverty plagues Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria has recognized that improved agricultural performance is critical to poverty reduction, since the majority of the nation’s poor depend on agriculture for their livelihood. With this renewed focus on agriculture, the sector’s growth rate has improved 6 to 7 percent annually >> Read more