Announcement: New Publication now Available

  The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and its Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) is pleased to announce the publication of a new Working Paper titled “Assessing the state of the rice milling sector in Nigeria: The role of policy for growth and modernization”. The paper, Number 40 in the NSSP Working Paper series, was co-authored by Michael >> Read more

“Agricultural Investment for Growth and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria”

This study assesses public investment required for agricultural growth and poverty reduction in Nigeria. Using time series data for public spending and agricultural total factor productivity (TFP) growth, the econometrically estimated results show that one percent of growth in agricultural spending generates 0.24 percent of growth in agricultural TFP. To support 9.5 percent in agricultural >> Read more

“Towards a pro-poor agricultural growth strategy in Nigeria”

Agriculture remains a major sector for the Nigerian economy. The majority of Nigerians rely on agriculture for their livelihood. It is increasingly evident that improved agricultural development and growth can offer a pathway from poverty, but evidence-based policies and strategies are needed. Nigeria’s agricultural policies have been inconsistent, uncoordinated and ad hoc. Such agricultural policies >> Read more