IFPRI Researchers publish book on public investments in agriculture in Africa (including chapter on Nigeria)

Tewodaj Mogues and Samuel Benin, Research Fellows at IFPRI, are co-editors of a just-published book that looks at public investments in and for Agriculture in Africa, including a chapter on Nigeria. Whereas there is plenty of work looking at macroeconomic effects of public spending on growth and poverty in Africa as well as studies of >> Read more

ASTI Report: Agricultural R&D on the rebound in Nigeria?

According to the recently released country note by ASTI, the Farm and Infrastructure Foundation (FIF), and the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN), Nigeria now has the largest agricultural research and development (R&D) system of all countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of investments and numbers of researchers.  However, one disconcerting capacity trend (stemming from >> Read more

Announcement: IFPRI Discussion Paper

Patterns and Trends of Child and Maternal Nutrition Inequalities in Nigeria Despite the fact that non income dimensions of well-being such as nutrition and health are now placed on the global development agenda, substantial gaps remain in our knowledge about patterns and trends in nutrition inequalities in many developing countries. The main objective of this >> Read more

Updating Nigeria’s Agriculture Strategy

In line with the FMAWR’s vision of ensuring access, availability and affordability of quality foods to all Nigerian, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resource (FMAWR) in collaboration with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) through the USAID Markets Program is partnering with experts to update the Nation's agricultural strategy. The 1st activity >> Read more