FEWSNET June 2012 Food Prices Update

FEWS NET has released its June update on the trend of prices of staple food across countries vulnerable to food insecurity. The highlights of the June 2012 update include:

“Impacts of Community-driven Development Programs on Income and Asset Acquisition in Africa: The Case of Nigeria”

This study evaluates the impacts of a community-driven development (CDD) project on household income and acquisition of productive assets in Nigeria. Using recall data, difference-in-differences, and propensity score matching approaches, the study finds that the project succeeded in targeting the poor and women farmers in its productive asset acquisition component. Participation in the project also >> Read more

FEWSNET Food Security and Price Outlook Update

May 2012: NIGERIA Food Security Outlook Update The 2012 growing season is favorable in the south, as planting peaks in May. In the north central, the season has started normally in May while in the extreme north the usual pre-season rainfall is underway. Retail cereal prices in the extreme north are higher than last year >> Read more

List of NSSP Publications

The Nigeria Strategy Support Program activities under the USAID Feed the Future (FtF) initiative aims to enhance knowledge through information, data, and tools for the analysis, design, and implementation of pro-poor, gender-sensitive, and environmentally sustainable agricultural and rural development polices and strategies in Nigeria; to strengthen the capacity of government agencies, research institutions, and others >> Read more

NIMET Releases its Agrometeorological Bulletin No. 9, Dekad 3, March (21 – 31) 2012.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has released its Dekad 3, March (21 – 31) 2012 seasonal agrometeorological outlook to guide farmers in their farming activities. The highlights of the bulletin include: Light to moderate rain fell in most parts of the South with Port Harcourt (Rivers State) recording the highest followed by Ikeja and Oshodi, >> Read more

FEWSNET Monthly Price Watch March 2012

The highlights of the report include: In East Africa, prices remain high in some deficit areas such as northeastern Kenya. Prices in Ethiopia have started to rise early in the season, and in Sudan and South Sudan, prices in many markets continue to rise. Maize prices remained stable or increased seasonally in Mozambique, Zambia, and >> Read more

NIMET Releases its Agrometeorological Bulletin No. 7, Dekad 1, March (1 – 10) 2012.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has released its 2012 seasonal agrometeorological outlook to guide farmers in their farming activities. The highlights of the bulletin include: Light to moderate rain fell in most parts of the Southwest and few areas in the Niger Delta; The North and Central areas were dry except Abuja and Ilorin which >> Read more

NBS releases Nigeria Poverty Profile 2010 report

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has released its report on “The Nigeria Poverty Profile 2010”. The 30-page report which is based on the Harmonized Nigeria Living Standard Survey (HNLSS) 2009/2010 was made available by the Statistician-General of NBS, Dr. Yemi Kale in Abuja last week. The highlights of the report include a tremendous increase >> Read more

IFPRI Launches Unique New Tool That Provides Early Warning of Extreme Price Variability

IFPRI launched the Excessive Food Price Variability Early Warning System today. This new tool measures excessive food price variability and is the only mechanism currently available to identify time spans of increased price variability. It is updated daily and forewarns policymakers and humanitarian agencies of periods of time with excessive food price variability.  For more >> Read more

Economic Report on Africa 2011

The Economic Commission for Africa has published its Economic Report on Africa 2011.  See below a brief overview and link to the report: Governing development in Africa - The role of the state in economic transformation Through the prism of changing development strategies, the Report reviews Africa’s economic growth and social development experience since the >> Read more

Food Security Aid Map

Please follow the link at the bottom of this post for a visual demonstration of the size of food aid all over the world.  From the site-owners: The recent financial and economic crises, as well as volatile food prices, have pushed millions of people into poverty and hunger. Estimates of the number of people suffering >> Read more

‘Google in Your Language’ – African language translation

Last month, the Google Africa team announced plans to expand the number of African languages supported by Google search and applications.  The project is called Google in Your Language and it invites interested universities and community volunteers to contribute to Google's translation tools for African languages.  Participants will attend engaging translation workshops where they will expand >> Read more

Online Maps: Population and Climate Change Hotspots

A new guide to Population Action International’s mapping website shows how climate change and population dynamics will change the world over time. High rates of population growth and climate change consequences overlap in many countries. Interactive maps illustrate how climate change impacts, demographic trends, and the need for contraception are likely to affect countries’ abilities >> Read more

FAO update of Global Food Security situation

The FAO has released its most recent update of the global food security situation.  Visit their website to read the December 2010 food price monitor, view the interactive FAO hunger map, and read country-specific special reports.

Release of Google Earth Engine

Last Thursday, Google launched Google Earth Engine at the International Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico.  Using satellite imaging from its Google Earth program, Google Earth Engine combines a large cache of historical, topographical, and meteorological images to assist researchers in tracking changes to the planet's surface and climate over the years. In addition to >> Read more

2011 Hunger Report

2011 Hunger Report -  Our Common Interest:  Ending Hunger and Malnutrition is now available online at www.hungerreport.org/2011.  This year’s report examines the food crisis that led to the establishment of USAID’s Feed the Future and “1,000 days” initiatives.  It emphasizes maternal and infant health and foreign aid effectiveness, and includes interactive data, a video and >> Read more

World Development Report Database

The World Bank has published a complete online database of all its World Development Reports since the first report was released in 1978, with WDR background papers since 2005.  For more information, and to access the database, visit: http://wdronline.worldbank.org/.

Announcement: Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)

The Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) and the UNDP Human Development Report launch the Multidimensional Poverty Index or MPI – an innovative new measure that gives a vivid “multidimensional” picture of people living in poverty. The MPI will be featured in the 20th Anniversary edition of the UNDP Human Development Report and goes >> Read more

Announcement: Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI)

ASTI facilitated by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) is a comprehensive and trusted source of information on agricultural research and development (R&D) statistics. ASTI compiles, analyzes, and publicizes data on institutional developments, investments, and capacity trends in agricultural R&D in low- and middle-income countries worldwide. ASTI’s methodology >> Read more

Announcement: IFPRI Dataset

Nigeria Institutional and Individual Dataset:  Assessment of Capacity for Designing and Implementing Agricultural Policies and Strategies This survey was conducted to identify the current capacity within Nigeria for providing evidence for policymaking and for creating this capacity for future generations. This is part of the program to support the designing and implementing of evidence-based, pro-poor, >> Read more