Policy Seminar Presentation by Dr. George Mavrotas (IFPRI) at the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN)’s Headquarters in Abuja, 5 October 2017

Dr. Mavrotas delivering his presentation at the event

Dr. George Mavrotas (Head of IFPRI Abuja Office and Director of IFPRI’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program) was invited by the senior management of the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN) to deliver a policy seminar on the role of the agricultural research system in Nigeria on 5 October 2017. This high-profile event organized by ARCN was chaired by the Executive Secretary of ARCN, Prof. A.A. Voh (Jr) and was attended by the entire senior management of ARCN along with more than 70 participants.


Prof. A. A. Voh (Jr), Executive Secretary of ARCN (left) with Dr. Mavrotas and other members of the senior management of ARCN in the panel.

Dr. George Mavrotas stressed in his presentation the centrality of ARCN as the key platform for enhancing academically rigorous and policy relevant agricultural research in the country and he also mentioned that IFPRI is prepared to continue working together with ARCN in order to strengthen further the excellent partnership between the two institutes so far.