Upcoming Feedback Seminar on Agriculture Public Expenditure Review (AgPER) Project

As you may know, IFPRI has been working with the World Bank on an Agriculture Public Expenditure Review (AgPER) in Nigeria.  The purpose of the 2013 review is to get a better understanding of how public funds are being spent on the agricultural sector at the Federal and sub-national levels. This understanding will feed into the Agriculture Development Policy Operation (AgDPO) in support of the Agriculture Transformation Agenda (ATA). naira

The review examines agricultural policies and development priorities, size and composition of agricultural public expenditure as well as effectiveness and efficiency of agriculture public expenditure at the Federal, State and Local government levels from 2000 to 2012. The cross-tier fiscal and planning relationships between federal and sub-national levels are also examined with particular attention on the mechanisms for fiscal cooperation and agricultural expenditure coordination.

The IFPRI Team of researchers is about to finalize the synthesis report and would like to get feedback from stakeholders to inform and refine the analysis and emerging results. IFPRI will be holding a seminar next week Thursday to do just that.  The seminar is scheduled as follows.

Date:  Thursday March 20, 2014.

Time:  2PM – 4PM

Lead Presenter: Prof. Aderibigbe Olomola, Senior Economist/Consultant IFPRI

Venue: IFDC/IFPRI Conference Room No 6/Plot 1413 Ogbagi Street Off Oro-Ago Crescent Cadastral Zone II, Garki, Abuja Nigeria (Near old CBN building and behind Union Homes)

RSVP: Email u.nischan@cgiar.org before the 19th of March.

Your questions and comments will be used to inform our work on agriculture public expenditure. We hope that you or someone in your organization will be able to join us and provide feedback.