“Agricultural Policy Research Network (APRNet) Exco and Congress Meeting”

NSSP activities under the USAID Feed the Future (FtF) initiative include, among other things, support for the Agricultural Policy Research Network (APRNet), an independent network of agricultural policy professionals in Nigeria. This support falls under the capacity strengthening objective of NSSP intended to promote the use of evidence in the agricultural policymaking process in Nigeria.

One such activity supported by the NSSP was the APRNet Executive Council and Congress Meeting, held at The Hotel in Enugu on the 23rd of November 2011. The meeting brought together twenty-six APRNet members (see Appendix A for participants list) and provided an opportunity for the network to review its ongoing activities, elect a new executive council, and plan for its next steps.

One of the immediate outcomes of the annual congress was a strategically positioned APRNet that   proactively engaged with policy maker by promptly responding to emerging agricultural policy issues in Nigeria.

NSSP Workshop Report 30

by Sheu Salau