“National Symposium on Making Agricultural Research Work for End-Users”

In line with the objectives of the Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) to improve communication linkages and consultations between policymakers, policy analysts, and policy beneficiaries on agricultural and rural development issues, a national symposium on “Making Agricultural Research Work for End-Users” was held in collaboration with the African Institute for Applied Economics (AIAE) and the Agricultural Policy Research Network (APRNet).

The motivation for the symposium was to rally experts and practitioners on the important question of optimizing the interface of agricultural research, agricultural policy and agricultural enterprise for sustainable growth and food security in Nigeria.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Share research information, and
  • Synthesize informed perspectives on innovative and best practices for linking research, policymaking and private enterprise.

The symposium brought together 100 key participants comprised of researchers, government officials, development practitioners, research managers and agricultural entrepreneurs (see Appendix C for participant list). The workshop was held at the Valencia Hotel, Abuja on May 24, 2011.

NSSP Workshop Report 22

by Amina Yakubu