How best to address gender issues for increasing livestock and fish productivity for global security?

As part of the consultations for the proposed CGIAR Mega Program on livestock and fish, we are looking for feedback and comments on the proposed strategy to address gender issues as part of the Mega Program.

We invite your comments on the overall gender strategy and responses to the four questions outlined below:

1. Is a gendered value chain approach adequate to meeting both the objectives of increasing productivity and gender-equitable poverty reduction in the livestock and aquaculture sectors?

2. What are critical gender issues and trade-offs in participation in specific livestock and fish value chains? What are the key gender research questions that this program should focus on both within specific value chains and across all the livestock and fish value chains?

3. What are the key gender objectives for livestock and fish value chains? What would be the approaches to achieve these gender objectives? How can overall project approaches be gendered to achieve food security, productivity and equity objectives?

4. What are best strategies we can use in targeted project interventions to improve women’s access to technologies, services and products within fish and livestock value chains

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