“Training Workshop: Basics of Computers”

he government of Nigeria has committed to reform its policies to accelerate agricultural growth in an effort to reduce poverty and hunger in the country. To assist in the achievement of this goal, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) is supporting the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) in implementing the establishment of a Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (SAKSS) node, as identified in Nigeria’s CAADP Compact.  The establishment of the SAKSS node will help improve the data and knowledge-base available for applied policy analysis and in undertaking monitoring and evaluation (M&E). As part of implementing SAKSS, IFPRI is assisting the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in revitalizing its library, setting up a Ministry website, and enhancing the Ministry’s databank.  Initial efforts in revitalizing the library include reviewing and electronically cataloguing relevant agricultural newspaper articles and publications in the FMARD library. To facilitate the library’s transition to a virtual environment, enhancing the databank, and populating the website, IFPRI offered training to the staff of the Ministry’s library, databank, and communications units on the basics of using computers.

The training began on August 18, 2010 at the Databank office of the FMARD. Twenty-one participants were in attendance and it took place between 10am-11.30am, Monday-Friday.  The workshop addressed the following:

  •  Introduction to the essentials of a computer
  • Understanding Hardware
  • Understanding Software
  • Introduction to Windows XP
  • Working with  Windows
  • Working with Programs
  • Working with Files and Folders

Participants were given homework as well as in-class assignments. Classes were interactive and participants were allowed access to the Ministry databank for practice during non-class hours.

NSSP Workshop Report 17

by Grace Adeogun and Valerie Rhoe