Collaboration Opportunity

We are pleased to announce the collaboration opportunity to conduct research on Describing and Mapping Existing Irrigation Systems in Nigeria  (IFPRI_NSSP_2010_01).  When submitting an application, please include the following information:

•          Cover letter from applicant expressing interest and summary of qualifications relevant to the ToR
•          CV
•          Example of publication
•          Regions to be covered (choose one region among North East, North West, South East)
•          Proposal of detailed timeframe and workplan for conducting work
•          In the subject line, specify the collaboration number (IFPRI_NSSP_2010_01). 

Submit complete application to with a cc to and by Thursday Feb 18, 2010.


Despite considerable potential for development and the emphasis placed on irrigation development in many plans, only four percent of the cultivated area in Nigeria is irrigated. Moreover, even on this small area there is not a clear understanding of where in Nigeria different types of irrigation infrastructure are used and to what effect. Only a fraction of the estimated total irrigated land in Nigeria lies within well-known public schemes; there is less systematic knowledge of exactly where the remaining land area under informal irrigation is or how these schemes are developed and managed.  The purpose of this research is therefore to map and categorize existing irrigation systems in four regions within Nigeria. This is the first phase of a more extensive research project aimed at analyzing the constraints and opportunities to developing irrigated agriculture in Nigeria.

The study will be conducted in the following regions: North East (Maiduguri), North West (Kano), South East (Nsukka) and South West (Ife). The collaborator conducts literature reviews and primary and secondary data collection and holds key stakeholder interviews in order to:

  • Review literature and gather data on types of representative irrigation systems in the region
  • Carry out GIS mapping of available data
  • Further analysis of benefit-cost structures, operations of each type of irrigation system

The main deliverbles include 2 reports:

  1. Report on the type of irrigation and GIS mapping in Nigeria
  2. Report on the profitability, cost-structure of each type of irrigation system identified

To request the full ToR, please send an email to with a cc to or join the LinkedIn Group "Nigeria Agriculture Policy Network" at