“Capacity Strengthening for Agricultural Policy Analysis and Research in Nigeria – A Roadmap Towards a Strategy”

This paper deals with the human resource development and institutional capacity strengthening in Nigeria as they relate to policy analysis and research capacity in addressing the problems of poverty and food security. The findings of the paper show that there exist several human, physical, and institutional capacity gaps for designing and implementing agricultural policies in Nigeria. The main gaps are a limited understanding of the relationships between institutional, human, and physical resources and the impact of policy on end-users at every level in the process of designing, implementing, and monitoring policies; limited linkages between universities, research institutions, and policymakers; and the lack of coordinated activities among the various organizations involved in knowledge management. This paper provides suggestions for effectively addressing the main gaps.. First, strengthening agriculture and rural development policymaking institutions through education, knowledge, and communications remains important for improving the quality and timeliness of policy-relevant research. Second, it is important to develop staff capacities with respect to policy research, analysis, implementation, and monitoring. Finally, a minimum set of indicators needs to be monitored regularly by concerned Nigerian ministries for an effective capacity strengthening strategy in order to achieve the short-term, medium-term and longterm targets for an evidence-based, pro-poor, gender sensitive, and environmentally sustainable agriculture.

NSSP Report 6

by Prabuddha Sanyal and Suresh Babu